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Flight System for Humans

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Hand-held tool for spacing clapboards with built-in extendible ruler

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PAT. NO.Title
110,966,536Full-TextDevices, kits, and methods for mounting a multifunctional clip
210,959,537Full-TextActivity saucer for infants with clubfoot
310,952,422Full-TextIce fishing jig
410,946,809Full-TextSupport for electronic devices with an attachment to child seats
5D906,615Full-TextScraper for dishes
6D899,949Full-TextLayout tool for use with a framing square
710,795,172Full-TextApparatus and method of combining multiple laser beams using a negative focal length radial gradient index rod lens
8D891,217Full-TextCombination seatbelt cutter and window breaker for use with an ice scraper
910,684,124Full-TextScanning and measurement system for repair of structures
1010,683,670Full-TextHand-held tool for spacing clapboards with built-in extendible ruler
1110,648,594Full-TextAdjustable vertical support frame
1210,631,527Full-TextFishing lure with a scent disbursement apparatus
1310,625,144Full-TextHand-held powered pool cue tip shaper
14D876,940Full-TextCombination rebar positioner and fastener
15D876,939Full-TextCombination rebar positioner and fastener
16D876,938Full-TextCombination rebar positioner and fastener
1710,364,028Full-TextFlight system for humans
1810,328,990Full-TextPowered tricycle and go-cart having a common motor mounting frame
1910,322,614Full-TextAmphibious vehicle
2010,307,900Full-TextQuick connect liner latch system assembly oil well production liner insertion with wire line
2110,278,528Full-TextBall cap holder
22D838,154Full-TextComfort grip for wrenches and the like
23D836,635Full-TextCard reader with keyboard
24D836,187Full-TextHexagonal fire pit with hinged grate
25D833,712Full-TextPants with elastic leg cuffs for easy insertion into boots
2610,132,586Full-TextSoft pull trigger mechanism and method of operation thereof
2710,131,516Full-TextMethod of splicing a rope
2810,124,978Full-TextDispenser for wrapping paper and related supplies with integral storage feature
29D831,806Full-TextHexagonal fire pit with hinged grate
3010,058,086Full-TextIce fishing pole carrier for all terrain vehicles, snowmobiles and the like
3110,023,276Full-TextCanoe outrigger with built-in storage capacity
3210,016,645Full-TextRope climbing apparatus
339,889,457Full-TextApplicator for dispensing gardening liquids
349,797,210Full-TextMilling-drilling section billet and anchoring device
35D797,391Full-TextIce scraper with opening for removable light source
369,681,685Full-TextSelf-lighting pipe with removable lighter
37D789,443Full-TextCard reader with keyboard
389,671,186Full-TextSoft pull trigger mechanism
399,644,335Full-TextMethod and apparatus for mechanical recovery of hydrocarbons in broken ocean ice conditions
409,610,814Full-TextCombination tow strap and jumper cables for vehicles
41D780,576Full-TextTwo-handle attachment for screw lid type jars
42D780,575Full-TextHandle attachment for screw lid type jars
43D780,411Full-TextCombination hat and scarf
449,498,664Full-TextFoot, leg and arm support for exercise
459,435,181Full-TextRetrievable gas lift valve system
469,435,179Full-TextApparatus for capturing oil and gas below the surface of the sea
479,395,205Full-TextMethod of calibrating laser measurement systems in-situ
489,394,044Full-TextOarlock system
499,392,852Full-TextParasol made of removable feather fans
509,376,190Full-TextOarlock system
519,364,073Full-TextSurvival pad with storage capabilities
529,321,465Full-TextChild walker track system
539,299,325Full-TextGuitar vibrato stabilizing device
54D746,670Full-TextCombined rebar positioner and fastener
559,155,291Full-TextTime release bait cannister
569,151,317Full-TextCowl fastener system for small aircraft
579,121,688Full-TextLayout tool for use with a framing square
589,079,688Full-TextStorage bag with removable loading shield to protect sealable closures
599,048,520Full-TextQuick-release waveguide flange clamp
609,016,912Full-TextLighted mud flaps for cars, trucks and off-road vehicles
619,000,334Full-TextElectromagnetic boiling liquid expanding vapor explosion fuel valve nozzle and induction heater
628,966,855Full-TextFoundation system for modular system smart buildings
638,926,209Full-TextToothbrush having integral dentifrice dispenser
648,910,721Full-TextMethod of use of a quick connect liner latch system for use with oil well production liner insertion with wire line
65D718,474Full-TextCondensation sleeve for railing systems mounted in concrete slabs
668,881,679Full-TextDevice for aiding male dogs using dog training pads
678,851,101Full-TextSiphon mechanism
68D711,214Full-TextRebar positioner and fastener
698,806,344Full-TextSystem and method of displaying electronic database reports
708,800,217Full-TextBuilding utilizing panel construction
718,782,912Full-TextCircle making tool
728,771,428Full-TextCleaning bucket system for flat mops
738,746,148Full-TextPortable various pitch rope tow system
748,740,108Full-TextAtomizer system for improved fuel systems
758,727,296Full-TextCombination flexible trivet and coaster
768,656,603Full-TextHandheld tool for spacing clapboards
778,652,263Full-TextCleaning bucket system for flat mops
788,615,934Full-TextPanelized portable shelter
79D693,135Full-TextFolding footrest
808,577,821Full-TextNeuromimetic homomorphic pattern recognition method and apparatus therefor
818,561,424Full-TextAir motor power drive system
828,528,296Full-TextMethod of installing a foundation system for modular system–smart buildings
838,505,622Full-TextConical deflection wedge system for oil and gas wells and the method of use thereof
848,479,430Full-TextShell storage system for gunstocks
858,474,089Full-TextCleaning bucket system for flat mops
868,460,234Full-TextAutomatic hydrating device for invalids and the disabled
87D682,122Full-TextGauge for spacing of cable railings
88D676,828Full-TextFootball shaped audio speaker
898,376,239Full-TextMethod of use of a simulated magnetic stripe card system for use with magnetic stripe card reading terminals
908,348,293Full-TextWheelchair with easily changeable wheel sets
918,333,489Full-TextLampshade system for recessed lighting fixtures
92D672,479Full-TextSupport for posts
93D671,785Full-TextCover for an infant carrier
948,313,037Full-TextSimulated magnetic stripe card system and method for use with magnetic stripe card reading terminals
958,245,644Full-TextVisible emissions training smoke generating system
96D664,496Full-TextSupport for truck shell gas props
97D664,082Full-TextSupport for truck shell gas props
988,217,778Full-TextBrake light switch for engine brake systems
998,210,704Full-TextIlluminator for cosmetology services
100D662,523Full-TextMulti-head floor-grinding machine with pivoting heads
101D661,961Full-TextDevice for connecting hex bit devices to round stock
1028,147,391Full-TextExercise bar
1038,122,739Full-TextEarring with integral spring
1048,120,196Full-TextWave-powered water wheel type generator
105D653,191Full-TextSupport for truck shell gas prop and the like
1068,083,649Full-TextWrist exercise devise
1078,070,492Full-TextReading tool with display window for teaching eye tracking
1088,033,889Full-TextNovelty drinking cup
109D644,877Full-TextTaco holder
1107,942,670Full-TextLocking system for screws for dental implants and the like
1117,938,431Full-TextSwivel type hitch for all-terrain vehicles and the like
1127,934,894Full-TextReusable pallet wrap
1137,882,793Full-TextLightweight anchor for small watercraft
1147,866,636Full-TextStanchion base shoe support for railings
1157,849,457Full-TextProcess for automatic & unattended formatting and re-installation of operative system, OS updates, drivers and re-installation of software applications, launched from a website as a digital service
1167,806,066Full-TextElectric servo motor cable steering power head
117RE41,605Full-TextInteractive audio and visual display
1187,749,033Full-TextAmphibious surface vehicle with synchro-phased rotary engagement devices
1197,748,933Full-TextFoam rasp
1207,732,708Full-TextLongitudinal load limiting devices for transmission lines and the like
1217,708,610Full-TextRowing oar system with articulating handle
1227,681,637Full-TextSelf-orienting guide shoe
1237,653,976Full-TextMethod of repairing a fishing rod
124D608,508Full-TextMassage strap for animals
1257,617,650Full-TextFascia-mounted aluminum railing system
126D603,931Full-TextFishing gear retrieval apparatus
1277,607,842Full-TextMethod of reducing vibration in the fine movement of a precision instrument secured to a tripod
1287,607,252Full-TextMethod of retrieving fishing gear
1297,604,396Full-TextWristwatch with movable movement case
1307,571,551Full-TextApparatus and method for raising and spacing roof trusses
1317,559,536Full-TextStructural glass railing base shoe design
1327,557,771Full-TextWall-mounted antenna rail mast system
1337,556,235Full-TextEarthquake proof picture hanging system
1347,555,872Full-TextSpacer for aligning concrete blocks
1367,543,801Full-TextSelf dissipating snow abatement system
1377,539,582Full-TextApparatus and method for detecting and analyzing spectral components in predetermined frequency bands within a signal, frequency filter, and related computer-readable media
1387,530,549Full-TextArticulating balcony railing system
1397,530,187Full-TextSelf-contained warning sign carrier for vehicles
1407,529,025Full-TextAudio and visual display
1417,509,913Full-TextTable bridge
1427,497,057Full-TextFascia-mounted aluminum railing system
143D587,074Full-TextCookie cutter with multiple cutters
1447,487,580Full-TextMethod of forming a self dissipating snow abatement system
1457,476,134Full-TextJet powered steering system for small boat outboard motors
1467,475,890Full-TextCamber and caster adjustment tool
1477,474,973Full-TextApparatus and method for detecting and analyzing spectral components in predetermined frequency bands within a signal, frequency filter, and related computer-readable media
1487,434,790Full-TextVertical panel glass wall
1497,425,773Full-TextWave-powered generator
1507,417,850Full-TextSelf contained power and signal distribution system for computers and the like

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