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110,415,540Full-TextMethod for stabilizing the rotation speed of a hydraulic machine with S-characteristics and installation for converting hydraulic energy into electrical energy
210,352,298Full-TextWind generation system and controlling method thereof
310,294,920Full-TextWind turbine and method for operating a wind turbine
410,294,914Full-TextHydraulic installation and method of operating such an installation
510,273,937Full-TextComposite member
610,273,936Full-TextWind turbine blade modules and wind turbine blades
710,247,166Full-TextDevice for reversing a blade of a runner unit
810,240,578Full-TextErosion resistant aerodynamic fairing
910,215,151Full-TextAerating system for hydraulic turbine
1010,184,456Full-TextWind turbine and blade alignment method thereof
1110,184,448Full-TextWind turbine blade
1210,153,642Full-TextMultiphase generator-conversion systems
1310,119,851Full-TextCoriolis flow meter for measuring properties of a fluid and method therefor
1410,072,635Full-TextWind turbine and method for evaluating health state of blade thereof
1510,069,303Full-TextPower generation system and method with energy management
1610,066,604Full-TextMethod and system for hybrid wind power generation
1710,054,108Full-TextWind turbine system and method for controlling a wind turbine system by power monitoring
1810,050,447Full-TextMulti-farm wind power generation system
1910,018,185Full-TextSystem and method for commissioning wind turbines
2010,018,177Full-TextControl system and method for mitigating rotor imbalance on a wind turbine
2110,001,108Full-TextMethod and apparatus for operating a wind turbine with a variable speed limit that may be above or below a predetermined speed limit depending on whether there is an estimated detrimental overspeed state
229,996,747Full-TextSystem and method for ground based inspection of wind turbine blades
239,976,539Full-TextControl method and system for wind turbine
249,972,993Full-TextSystem and method for controlling wind power generation systems
259,964,095Full-TextMethod and system for servicing wind turbine rotor
269,929,563Full-TextSubsea cable engagement system
279,915,243Full-TextSystem and method for automatic generation control in wind farms
289,912,733Full-TextSystem and method for maintaining the health of a control system
299,866,160Full-TextPower conversion system and controlling method thereof and wind turbine power generation system
309,850,880Full-TextSystem for servicing wind turbine rotor
319,837,943Full-TextHarmonics mitigation in multiphase generator-conversion systems
329,822,766Full-TextMethod for operating a wind farm and wind farm
339,816,488Full-TextRotor turning system and method
349,797,377Full-TextSystem and method for controlling a wind farm
359,759,200Full-TextWind tower and wind farm inspections via unmanned aircraft systems
369,745,959Full-TextInrush current protection for wind turbines and wind farms
379,745,953Full-TextMethod and system for replacing a single wind turbine blade
389,726,144Full-TextMethod for optimizing the operation of a wind turbine
399,719,603Full-TextShut-off rotary valve, particularly for gas turbine
409,709,037Full-TextSystem and method for controlling wind turbines in wind farms
419,709,035Full-TextSystem and method for regulating power in a wind farm
429,677,540Full-TextSystem and method for providing yaw backup to a wind farm
439,617,975Full-TextWind turbine yaw control
449,605,654Full-TextWind turbine lifetime estimator
459,605,650Full-TextWind blades with mechanical elements for pretensioning in tension fabrics
469,587,628Full-TextMethod for operating a wind turbine
479,587,627Full-TextControl system and method for mitigating rotor imbalance on a wind turbine
489,574,547Full-TextMethod and apparatus for controlling an operational parameter of a wind turbine
499,574,546Full-TextWind turbine rotor control
509,562,515Full-TextMethod and apparatus for wind turbine noise reduction
519,551,322Full-TextSystems and methods for optimizing operation of a wind farm
529,523,282Full-TextStart-up method for a wind turbine and a control assembly
539,517,521Full-TextMethod for repairing component
549,500,580Full-TextGas detector and method of detection
559,500,369Full-TextFuel nozzle and method for operating a combustor
569,494,139Full-TextSystem and method for controlling a power output of a wind turbine generator
57D769,937Full-TextDisplay screen with graphical alarm icon
589,473,057Full-TextSystem and method for wind power dispatch in a wind farm
599,470,208Full-TextWind turbine and locking method
609,453,497Full-TextMethod for operating a wind farm
619,404,478Full-TextMethods and systems for operating a wind turbine in noise reduced operation modes
629,404,386Full-TextSystem and method for monitoring health of airfoils
639,273,668Full-TextYaw system for a windmill
649,263,962Full-TextPower conversion system and method
659,261,075Full-TextWind turbine shadow flicker protection system having a driving mechanism allowing a single light sensor to receive light at different times and directions
669,190,923Full-TextSystem and method for converter switching frequency control
67RE45,779Full-TextThermoelectric icemaker and control
689,163,611Full-TextMethods and systems for operating a wind turbine coupled to a power grid
699,153,408Full-TextMicrofocus X-ray tube for a high-resolution X-ray apparatus
709,151,651Full-TextApparatus and method for determining temperature
719,146,327Full-TextMethod for determining geometric imaging properties of a flat panel detector, correspondingly adapted X-ray inspection system and calibration phantom
729,109,577Full-TextMethod and system for operating a wind turbine
739,088,150Full-TextOvervoltage clipping device for a wind turbine and method
749,083,261Full-TextNeutral point clamped converter control system and control method and compensation unit
759,080,776Full-TextFan apparency arrangement for an appliance
769,080,553Full-TextMethod and apparatus for control of redundant devices in a wind turbine
779,071,084Full-TextNeutral point clamped converter control systems and methods
789,068,752Full-TextRapid gas ignition system
799,051,676Full-TextApparatus and method for utilizing a venturi effect in a dispenser
809,046,077Full-TextReactive power controller for controlling reactive power in a wind farm
819,041,237Full-TextWind turbine drive train and wind turbine
829,029,743Full-TextHeating apparatus for an appliance
839,028,214Full-TextControl system for a wind turbine
849,020,650Full-TextUtility grid, controller, and method for controlling the power generation in a utility grid
859,019,676Full-TextSystem and method for protecting an appliance junction
869,014,864Full-TextAggregate load management at a system level
879,014,861Full-TextMethod and system for noise-controlled operation of a wind turbine
889,010,564Full-TextRefrigerator cabinet assembly
899,010,345Full-TextDishwasher spray arm assembly
909,006,624Full-TextResonant frequency detection for induction resonant inverter
919,004,875Full-TextFlange and wind energy system
929,004,057Full-TextAppliance baffle system
939,003,822Full-TextApparatus for breaking ice clumps
948,993,936Full-TextHybrid heater assembly
958,991,638Full-TextWater seepage abatement in water heaters
968,984,902Full-TextSystem to control external condensation on a refrigerator
978,966,929Full-TextCooled air recirculation in a refrigerator
988,950,210Full-TextTop mount refrigerator airflow system
998,950,209Full-TextBottom mount refrigerator airflow system
1008,948,580Full-TextFoam dam for appliance
1018,931,310Full-TextBulk dispensing system for washing machine
1028,925,344Full-TextFitting assemblies to provide fluid supply to ice and water dispensers in refrigerator doors
1038,894,776Full-TextNon-electronic methods and apparatus for detecting wash pump cavitation in a dishwasher
1048,893,523Full-TextMethod of operating a refrigerator
1058,887,672Full-TextWater heater containing a phase change material
1068,868,362Full-TextElectric power metering accuracy
1078,867,908Full-TextSelf-programming water heater
1088,867,906Full-TextDry fire protection system
1098,863,735Full-TextGas burner assembly
1108,863,734Full-TextGas grill
1118,859,941Full-TextSurface temperature cooking control
1128,851,061Full-TextOven with ambient air cooling
1138,850,856Full-TextApparatus and method for using a dispensing system utilizing a Venturi component
1148,848,400Full-TextSystem and method for reactive power regulation
1158,845,326Full-TextGas burner assembly
1168,844,514Full-TextLatching system for an appliance
1178,844,325Full-TextLiquid additive dispensing apparatus for a washing machine
1188,844,307Full-TextAppliance with a water filtration system
1198,840,367Full-TextSystem and method for collecting particles in a wind turbine rotor blade
1208,834,647Full-TextManual removable filter system for a dishwasher
1218,833,095Full-TextApparatus and method for dry cycle completion control in heat pump dryer by declining capacity indication by rolling average compressor watts or heat exchanger pressure or temperature
1228,833,093Full-TextMethod of controlling temperature in a compartment of a refrigerator
1238,814,288Full-TextVariable height slide-out rack for appliance
1248,806,886Full-TextTemperature controlled devices
1258,805,595Full-TextWind turbine arranged for independent operation of its components and related method and computer program
1268,803,045Full-TextInductively coupled oven divider
1278,800,545Full-TextAuto adjusting flame spreader for gas operated oven
1288,800,544Full-TextOven door locking system
1298,783,243Full-TextLockout system for surface burners of a cooking appliance
1308,776,776Full-TextBaking system for a gas cooking appliance
1318,769,426Full-TextUser interface for monitoring resource consumption
1328,757,179Full-TextDishwasher assembly having an air conduit
1338,757,137Full-TextMulti-ringed burner with spill containment
1348,739,567Full-TextDual evaporator refrigeration system using zeotropic refrigerant mixture
1358,713,976Full-TextSystems and methods for controlling operation of a washing machine
1368,701,940Full-TextApparatus for refrigerator dispenser recess integrated with door material
1378,696,315Full-TextHub for a wind turbine and method of mounting a wind turbine
1388,696,314Full-TextGear set, wind turbine incorporating such a gear set and method of servicing a wind turbine
1398,683,688Full-TextMethod for balancing a wind turbine
1408,667,958Full-TextBurner illumination in an appliance
1418,662,102Full-TextApparatus for reducing knob wobble
1428,658,946Full-TextControl system for a self cleaning oven appliance
1438,624,430Full-TextStandby power reduction
1448,610,306Full-TextPower plant control system and method for influencing high voltage characteristics
1458,601,717Full-TextApparatus and method for refrigeration cycle capacity enhancement
1468,599,008Full-TextAppliance monitoring system and method
1478,596,084Full-TextIcemaker with reversible thermosiphon
1488,572,865Full-TextApparatus and method for using a hybrid dryer tub for airflow improvement
1498,540,118Full-TextWater dispenser and method of operating it
1508,539,780Full-TextMethod and apparatus for harvesting ice in an ice maker system


1518,538,249Full-TextBroiler for cooking appliances
1528,535,052Full-TextCap for a gas burner
1538,534,083Full-TextEvaporative cooling condenser for household appliance
1548,533,975Full-TextApparatus and method for refrigeration cycle elevation by modification of cycle start condition
1558,532,828Full-TextGearbox noise reduction by electrical drive control
1568,528,735Full-TextTransport frame for nacelle/rotor hub unit of a wind turbine, method of transporting and mounting a nacelle/rotor hub unit
1578,528,537Full-TextCombustion and cooling airflow system for a cooking appliance
1588,528,227Full-TextApparatus and method for refrigerant cycle capacity acceleration
1598,519,568Full-TextInrush current protection for wind turbines and wind farms
1608,499,577Full-TextIce making and water delivery apparatus
1618,499,392Full-TextApparatus and method for detecting unbalanced loads in a washing machine
1628,482,247Full-TextPackage foil for protecting wind turbine components from the environment, method for packaging a wind turbine component, and wind turbine component assembly
1638,479,581Full-TextDevice and method for measuring pressure on wind turbine components
1648,464,549Full-TextAirway seal apparatus and method, and refrigerator apparatus using the seal
1658,459,049Full-TextMethod and apparatus for controlling refrigerant flow
1668,451,573Full-TextOvervoltage protection device for a wind turbine and method
1678,443,557Full-TextTower base section of a wind turbine, a wind turbine and a system for mounting a tower
1688,429,926Full-TextIce storage bin and icemaker apparatus for refrigerator
1698,426,995Full-TextWind turbine generator and wind turbine
1708,424,323Full-TextIce level sensing system
1718,424,318Full-TextMethod and apparatus for refrigerant flow rate control
172RE44,132Full-TextThermoelectric icemaker and control
1738,408,871Full-TextMethod and apparatus for measuring air flow condition at a wind turbine blade
1748,405,251Full-TextMethod and apparatus for reduction of harmonics in a power supply
1758,405,003Full-TextOven having diffuse light pipe assembly
1768,388,158Full-TextAppliance with an improved solid state device lighting
1778,381,714Full-TextBurner for cooking appliances
1788,377,228Full-TextWash fluid distribution and filtration assembly and method
1798,371,136Full-TextIce producing method
1808,366,396Full-TextUnit for cable management and wind turbine
1818,360,723Full-TextMethod for reducing vibrations in wind turbines and wind turbine implementing said method
1828,360,398Full-TextDevice for handling a wind turbine rotor blade and a method for handling wind turbine rotor blades
1838,359,881Full-TextRefrigerator appliance with freezer compartment position-adjustable partitions
1848,353,667Full-TextMethod and apparatus for adjusting a yaw angle of a wind turbine
1858,353,114Full-TextApparatus and method for refrigeration cycle with auxiliary heating
1868,346,588Full-TextDynamic resource availability process
1878,344,533Full-TextUse of pitch battery power to start wind turbine during grid loss/black start capability
1888,342,165Full-TextAppliance with a Venturi based venting system
1898,337,163Full-TextFiber composite half-product with integrated elements, manufacturing method therefor and use thereof
1908,317,471Full-TextMethod for preventing rotor overspeed of a wind turbine
1918,304,926Full-TextWind turbine sound management
1928,302,593Full-TextGas burner assembly including inner and outer burners and methods for implementing same
1938,299,641Full-TextMagnetically geared generator
1948,297,063Full-TextMethod for servicing a refrigeration system
1958,294,289Full-TextMethod for operating a wind turbine, method for determining the temperature of a permanent magnet and controller for a wind turbine
1968,291,718Full-TextDSM defrost during high demand
1978,287,243Full-TextSpinner of a wind turbine
1988,287,062Full-TextShelf for an appliance
1998,283,798Full-TextMethod of controlling a wind energy system and wind speed sensor free wind energy system
2008,282,351Full-TextSplit load path gearbox
2018,281,611Full-TextIcemaker for a refrigerator
2028,277,571Full-TextMethods and apparatus for detecting pump cavitation in a dishwasher using frequency analysis
2038,277,185Full-TextWind turbine, wind turbine controller and method for controlling a wind turbine
2048,277,184Full-TextTilt adjustment system
2058,267,655Full-TextMethod for controlling a wind turbine, and wind turbine arrangement
2068,266,922Full-TextLiquid dispensing apparatus and method
2078,262,354Full-TextMethod and apparatus for load measurement in a wind turbine
2088,258,746Full-TextCharger and charging method
2098,258,643Full-TextMethod and system for control of wind turbines
2108,258,642Full-TextMethod and system for resonance dampening in wind turbines
2118,257,040Full-TextSystem and method for wind condition estimation
2128,256,625Full-TextWater filtration system
2138,256,234Full-TextMethod and apparatus for coolant control within refrigerators
2148,253,074Full-TextWiring assembly for an appliance
2158,250,875Full-TextDual evaporator defrost system for an appliance
2168,249,852Full-TextCondition monitoring of windturbines
2178,248,086Full-TextCapacitive proximity detection system for an appliance
2188,248,077Full-TextMethod and apparatus for operating a cable for wind farms
2198,245,520Full-TextMethod and apparatus for collecting a refrigerant
2208,245,400Full-TextBlade module, a modular rotor blade and a method for assembling a modular rotor blade
2218,240,995Full-TextWind turbine, aerodynamic assembly for use in a wind turbine, and method for assembling thereof
2228,240,955Full-TextTower segments and method for off-shore wind turbines
2238,231,351Full-TextAdaptive rotor blade for a wind turbine
2248,226,866Full-TextMethod for making a continuous laminate, in particular suitable as a spar cap or another part of a wind energy turbine rotor blade
2258,226,354Full-TextMagnetostrictive measurement of tensile stress in foundations
2268,226,180Full-TextDoor coupling system
2278,222,760Full-TextMethod for controlling a proximity sensor of a wind turbine
2288,215,896Full-TextApparatus and method for operation of an off-shore wind turbine
2298,210,811Full-TextApparatus and method for operation of a wind turbine
2308,209,932Full-TextBacksplash for an appliance
2318,203,230Full-TextYaw bearing system
2328,201,304Full-TextCompliant door hinge
2338,192,163Full-TextWiper for wind turbine blades
2348,192,160Full-TextWind turbine having variable height and method for operating the same
2358,188,610Full-TextWind turbine having a main power converter and an auxiliary power converter and a method for the control thereof
2368,186,940Full-TextVentilation arrangement
2378,186,923Full-TextConnecting arrangement and method of fastening a bolt
2388,183,707Full-TextMethod of controlling a wind energy system and wind speed sensor free wind energy system
2398,177,505Full-TextMethod for measuring a rotational position of a rotor blade of a wind turbine and measuring device
2408,173,942Full-TextSelf-cleaning over the range oven
2418,172,346Full-TextArticulated sealing surface
2428,171,844Full-TextGriddle for a cooking appliance
2438,171,744Full-TextMethod and apparatus for controlling temperature for forming ice within an icemaker compartment of a refrigerator
2448,169,098Full-TextWind turbine and operating same
2458,158,912Full-TextFan apparency arrangement for an appliance
2468,157,399Full-TextControl unit for an appliance
2478,151,698Full-TextCooking byproduct collector
2488,151,428Full-TextMethod and apparatus for controlling a mode shifter in a washing machine from a motor controller
2498,141,549Full-TextAppliance with a vacuum-based reverse airflow cooling system using one fan
2508,136,367Full-TextHinge assembly for a refrigerator
2518,136,201Full-TextLeveling leg and wheel assembly for an appliance
2528,122,730Full-TextMethod and device for managing the operating conditions of a refrigerator compartment using a single sensor
2538,115,330Full-TextWind turbine and method for operating a wind turbine
2548,102,080Full-TextControl system for an appliance
2558,101,890Full-TextFan apparency arrangement for an appliance
2568,099,975Full-TextIcemaker for a refrigerator
2578,099,968Full-TextMethod and apparatus for circulating air within an icemaker compartment of a refrigerator
2588,092,611Full-TextMethod and system for dishwasher operation
2598,087,184Full-TextClothes dryer with extendable rack
2608,079,820Full-TextBlade module, a modular rotor blade and a method for assembling a modular rotor blade
2618,074,563Full-TextGriddle with a heat spreader
2628,074,469Full-TextRefrigerator with a convertible compartment
2638,074,464Full-TextIce producing apparatus
2648,074,450Full-TextWind energy system with fluid-working machine with non-symmetric actuation
2658,066,490Full-TextWind turbine rotor blade
2668,057,174Full-TextMethod for controlling a wind turbine using a wind flow model
2678,056,996Full-TextSupport assembly for an appliance storage bin or storage shelf
2688,043,012Full-TextSeal arrangement and a brush seal for a wind turbine
2698,039,982Full-TextMethod for operating a wind turbine, coil arrangement for an electric machine, and controller for a wind turbine
2708,033,951Full-TextGearbox for a wind turbine
2718,033,279Full-TextBurner control system for a cooking appliance
2728,033,126Full-TextFlow controlling assembly and method
2738,029,233Full-TextWind turbine and method for controlling a wind turbine
2748,028,728Full-TextDispensing apparatus and method for determining the location of a container
2758,021,110Full-TextTonal emission control for wind turbines
2768,011,537Full-TextDispensing system and method for dispensing fluid in an appliance
2778,008,794Full-TextUse of pitch battery power to start wind turbine during grid loss/black start capability
2788,007,227Full-TextMechanical emergency brake for wind turbines and method for operating same
2798,006,827Full-TextTransporting particulate material
2808,006,687Full-TextAppliance with a vacuum-based reverse airflow cooling system
2818,004,100Full-TextModel based wind turbine drive train vibration damper
2827,969,037Full-TextConfiguration of a wind turbine nacelle
2837,964,823Full-TextWall oven and corresponding method
2847,959,412Full-TextWind turbine rotor blade with acoustic lining
2857,956,482Full-TextSpeed controlled pitch system
2867,948,100Full-TextBraking and positioning system for a wind turbine rotor
2877,946,819Full-TextWind turbine drive shaft connection arrangement
2887,939,961Full-TextWind turbine with integrated design and controlling method
2897,938,623Full-TextInflatable wind turbine blade and method for forming said rotor blade
2907,934,905Full-TextWind energy system having an insect sensor
2917,895,018Full-TextEvent monitoring via combination of signals
2927,880,335Full-TextPower backup system for offshore wind generators
2937,878,172Full-TextIntake channels for internal combustion engines
2947,857,402Full-TextDoor assembly for an appliance
2957,841,192Full-TextIce in bucket detection for an icemaker
2967,832,101Full-TextMethod and assembly for mounting rotor blade bearings of a wind turbine
2977,828,523Full-TextRotor blade for a wind turbine having a variable dimension
2987,824,592Full-TextBond line forming method
2997,823,437Full-TextAnemometer calibration method and wind turbine
3007,819,624Full-TextSuspension system
3017,819,540Full-TextControl device for an appliance
3027,811,063Full-TextDamping element for a wind turbine rotor blade
3037,806,657Full-TextDevice for detecting damage of a wind energy turbine rotor blade due to a lightning strike
3047,805,893Full-TextPreassembled tower section of a wind power plant
3057,802,567Full-TextDevice and method for a gas burner
3067,802,469Full-TextMeasurement method for brakes in wind turbines
3077,789,623Full-TextProtection arrangement for a wind turbine
3087,787,266Full-TextMethod for operating a frequency converter of a generator
3097,770,330Full-TextMethod of opening an appliance door
3107,766,620Full-TextRotor blade with a lightning protection unit, wind energy system having the same and a method for constructing a rotor blade
3117,753,459Full-TextClosure assembly and method
3127,614,877Full-TextDevice and method for a gas burner
3137,614,244Full-TextIce producing apparatus and method
3147,612,293Full-TextInsulator arrangement
3157,610,773Full-TextIce producing apparatus and method
317D508,848Full-TextWatch case
3186,935,339Full-TextSecretion suctioning device and kit for intubated patients
3196,817,190Full-TextBlade cooling in a gas turbine engine
3206,782,636Full-TextDevice for drying and styling hair
3216,413,651Full-TextComposite metal coil or plate and its manufacturing method
322D401,003Full-TextDesk lamp
3245,589,721Full-TextDisplay apparatus utilizing magnetic interaction

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