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December 29, 2016

Here are the analytics for the search term ” PATENT ATTORNEY”. THEY ARE STUNNING!

Now that we got that out of the way, take a look at the following…


At we realized how hard it was to find the right patent attorney – we just didn’t know it was this bad.  Not your average kinda “bad” , but  bad to the point where it looks like people actually stopped searching.

As we all know the process of protecting an idea is challenging  and costly nonetheless. It is only after companies, inventors, and entrepreneurs undertake massive amounts of time, energy, research, and money that they realize how daunting the process really is. buying cytotec with no rx was founded to help all parties( inventors, entrepreneurs, startups, and big-businesses)who are interested in pursuing patent protection, by making the process faster, smoother, and definitely less expensive.

How did Patent Lot innovate a way to literally save time and money?

It can actually be summed up into two words… EXPERIENCE & COMPARTMENTALIZATION!

Finally, attorneys can brand themselves with a niche or something we like to call Preferred Patent Identity. An attorney’s Preferred Patent Identity or P.P.I. reflects their USPTO filing experience, their history, their passion, and most importantly -their specialty.  Without getting off-track and going in to the awesomeness of P.P.I.  (which is literally every inventor and company’s dream come true), here is the failing- oops, we mean falling trend of the word patent attorney.





  1. Location = Worldwide
  2. Duration = 2008 – Present
  3. Categories = All
  4. Search Type = Web/ All


Screen Shot of Metrics taken on 12/28/2016



Interest over time.

Screen Shot of Metrics taken on 12/28/2016



Interest by region, with South Korea at #1.

Screen Shot of Metrics taken on 12/28/2016




In case you were wondering, the United States was listed as #7.

Screen Shot of Metrics taken on 12/28/2016




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Screen Shot of Metrics taken on 12/28/2016



For patent attorneys who have made it this far – we thank you for being brave. Take the opportunity to sign up and create a FREE buying cytotec with no rx account so you can be easily seen and recognized for your Preferred Patent Identity!

We hope you enjoyed this article written by the Patent Lot team.

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